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for mass brands.

About On&Off and our Premium iTime platform.




Authenticated uniques


The most cost-effective in Cost Per Thousand at scale vs all other measurable media 

TARGET RATING POINTS CURRENCY Delivered within the buying cycle of the product


Mass brands spend over 450 billion dollars annually on advertising globally. However, only 5% is spent in online due to current media platform practices and metrics. 

Our online media platform, Premium iTime, is designed to cater to mass brands in transparent and safe environments. 

We provide complimentary large scale reach to broadcast TV.


We count Beings, not Beans.

Our Premium iTime proprietary technology is the most effective in Cost Per Thousand vs other measurable extended media (radio, magazine, newspaper, out-of-home), combining the scale of the internet with the efficiencies of broadcast TV. 

While ALL other online ad platforms sell impressions, we deliver TRP's. 

Case Studies

Super Case I

This client focused on the telecommunications market (telephone and internet) business niche. 

They decided to launch a new product oriented to the home mass market in Mexico City: an online live TV access site called Yuzu.  

THE ISSUE Maxcom’s objective was to attract 250,000 visitors to its new site in the first year, but their budget was not enough to generate efficiencies on Broadcast TV. 

They selected On & Off as their only mass media platform to launch Yuzu.  

THE HAPPY ENDING Starting with Zero brand awareness, the campaign delivered the full year’s 250,000 visitors objective in only 45 days.  


Super Case II

Santander utilized the online performance model of communication for Autocompara since inception in 2013. 

THE ISSUE After a short lived initial success, the model quickly became ineffective, while taking the largest portion of the bank’s media advertising budget. 

In April 2014, Santander, On & Off’s first advertiser 3 years before, decided to use our platform again, this time as an alternative to their performance efforts.  

THE HAPPY ENDING  Visitor’s curve reversed upwards for the first time in 12 months. 

Going back to performance in the following month, the visitor’s curve fell dramatically again.  


Super Case III

During Felipe Calderon’s administration, the Mexican Presidential Palace allocated a specific budget to the Mexican Tourism Promotion Council, the largest advertiser in the country  ($ 1 Billion WW), to test On & Off as a mass media advertising alternative.   

THE ISSUE KPI: To reach 600,000 uniques nationwide in 4 weeks.  

THE HAPPY ENDING Uniques (impressions): 7,422,769 = 19.7 times the KPI  

Uniques on target (effective): 3,228,904 = 5.4 times the KPI 

Total reach vs proposal:  1.3 times more   


Former top level officers of that Executive Administration became our regular clients in future political campaigns.   


Super Case IV

In May 2015, 5 weeks before the governor election in the state of Sonora, the nation’s governing political party, PRI, had its candidate 3 electoral points behind the candidate of the rival political party, PAN. In a last attempt to change the odds, they approached On & Off as a better media platform to reach the M/W 18-30 switcher’s voters at scale.   

THE ISSUE The party’s local broadcast TV, Facebook and YouTube campaign results were going from bad to worse. A very aggressive campaign, also developed with the help of On & Off, ran on the internet for 4 weeks.   

THE HAPPY ENDING - The PRI’s candidate won the election by 7 electoral points, a 10 point upswing in 4 weeks. - The client replicated the same strategy in the state of Colima, where its candidate reversed a 2 electoral points loss and won by 3 electoral points. - In 2016 they utilized the same strategy once more, winning 8 out of 10 state elections.  


Super Case V

In March 2013, On&Off’s mass media platform was used for the first time to launch a new movie, Olympus has Fallen, released by Televisa’s theatrical distribution company Videocine.   

THE ISSUE Films need to generate maximum response in the first weekend. This launch was so successful that, by word of mouth, On&Off was adopted to blockbusters as a reach extender media, and also to advertise movies that could not afford broadcast TV.  Many others followed, such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Revenge, The Imitation Game, Dracula Untold, Rio 2, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Hateful Eight, to name a few, both in Mexico and Brazil.   

THE HAPPY ENDING  - On&Off was the only media used to launch The Imitation Game. It became the Box Office No. 1 in gross screen average. - In the first weekend of its release, The Hateful Eight got the second place in the Box Office, competing against titles such as Sony’s Zombies and Pride and Prejudice, both with much higher ad/pub budgets, that included broadcast TV. - In Brazil, Os Cavaleiros do Zodiaco, an independent release, got the second place in its first weekend, beating large budget studio films such as Sony’s Lucy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles